School Assembly at St. Helena Primary School

We spent the day, Wednesday, March 13th 2013, at St. Helena Primary School talking with the students about how we came up with the idea to write our children’s book (while walking on Main St. in Saint Helena), as well as the process to have a book published.

It was a little nerve racking to tell our story to such a large audience for the first time, especially since the day before we came, the students were treated to an assembly given by Francis Ford Coppola.

We then projected the book onto a big screen and read the book to the kids. They had a great time seeing the brightly colored illustrations blown up so large, and hearing us read the book. At the end of the assembly they got to ask their own questions.

After the assembly we did four workshops, each of the second grade classes, that consisted of brainstorming sessions for them to write their own adventure book. The children came up with some great stories, and we are excited to someday see their finished books.

We finished the day signing books for all the children that had pre-ordered books! We have to thank Lisa Montelli and Principal Hoskins for hosting us, and all the teachers for a wonderful time.

Read Principal Hoskin’s article about Maggie and Maddy Children’s Books trip to St. Helena Primary School.

50th Annual Napa Christmas Parade

We were honored to be apart of the Napa Downtown Association Christmas Parade for 2012.

Our generous friends, Anna and Jaret Paulson offered to allow us to use their classic 1949 Chevrolet pickup truck, and helped turn it into a banner displaying, lighted, balloon carrying Christmas float.

Napa Valley Balloons Inc. provided us with a real balloon basket just like the one Maggie and Maddy use in the book.

We filled up a 7′ red ballon with helium and attached it to the balloon basket, which the four of us (Kyle, Amy, Meghan and Katelin) were in and throwing candy canes to the attendees.

Before the parade even got started we walked the parade route handing out over 50 pencils and Maggie and Maddy holiday word search puzzles, 20 or so tote bags filled with activities for younger kids, and six of our books wrapped as presents.

We had such a great evening, and were so excited to see all the support from the community as our float passed them by. Then to top it off, the Napa Register choose to include a picture of our float as one of the three pictures with their article.

See the article in the Napa Register, where they picked a picture of Amy and Meghan as one of the three pictures published in the Sunday article.

Again, thanks to the Paulson’s for letting us use their truck and for all their work they did, and thanks to Napa Valley Balloons Inc, Gabe and Ken for letting us use their balloon basket.

Maggie and Maddy Join Napa Christmas Parade

We will be apart of the 2012 Napa Downtown Association Christmas Parade. We are planning on having an old pickup truck with our banners lined with lights. Then we will have a hot air balloon basket with a large helium balloon floating above.

Come downtown on Sat November 24th and see our float along with all the other wonderful Napa floats. The parade starts at 5pm, so come early to get a spot.

Maggie and Maddy Release Party

Our release party was held at the Napa Valley Opera House in downtown Napa on October 14, 2012. Children and adults enjoyed in a great celebration with a wide variety of appetizers and beverages.

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