Maggie and Maddy in St. Helena Star Newspaper

Amy and Kyle Goleno, authors of “Maggie and Maddy Adventures in Napa Valley” were in a picture that was in the St. Helena Star Newspaper the first week of April.

The picture showed the authors conducting a writing workshop for second grade students at St. Helena Primary School.

The students had a lot of fun coming up with their own ideas for their own book. The librarian is having each student create a page of their own adventure, and all the children’s pages will be put together to create a book that will be available for checkout in their school library.

It was really uplifting for us to see the students so excited about our visit.

See the picture and the story about Maggie and Maddy on the St. Helena Star website.

KVYN Radio Book Review of Maggie and Maddy

This morning, John Thill, of the Napa Library, reviewed our book on 99.3 the vine.
Listen to the recording a little farther than half way in for our book review.

KVYN Radio Book Review of Maggie and Maddy

50th Annual Napa Christmas Parade

We were honored to be apart of the Napa Downtown Association Christmas Parade for 2012.

Our generous friends, Anna and Jaret Paulson offered to allow us to use their classic 1949 Chevrolet pickup truck, and helped turn it into a banner displaying, lighted, balloon carrying Christmas float.

Napa Valley Balloons Inc. provided us with a real balloon basket just like the one Maggie and Maddy use in the book.

We filled up a 7′ red ballon with helium and attached it to the balloon basket, which the four of us (Kyle, Amy, Meghan and Katelin) were in and throwing candy canes to the attendees.

Before the parade even got started we walked the parade route handing out over 50 pencils and Maggie and Maddy holiday word search puzzles, 20 or so tote bags filled with activities for younger kids, and six of our books wrapped as presents.

We had such a great evening, and were so excited to see all the support from the community as our float passed them by. Then to top it off, the Napa Register choose to include a picture of our float as one of the three pictures with their article.

See the article in the Napa Register, where they picked a picture of Amy and Meghan as one of the three pictures published in the Sunday article.

Again, thanks to the Paulson’s for letting us use their truck and for all their work they did, and thanks to Napa Valley Balloons Inc, Gabe and Ken for letting us use their balloon basket.

Our Twitter and Facebook accounts are now active

Now that we have officially launched, we have started our social media accounts.

Follow us on twitter

Or view our profile online at

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Today is our Official Launch Day – 10/1

October 1st is our official launch day for our book Maggie and Maddy Adventures in Napa Valley. After almost two years of preparation our books came of the printing presses and are now ready for distribution. With some wholesale pre-orders taken last month, we are immediately shipping books to retailers throughout Napa Valley and our children’s book should be available on store shelves within the week.

Now that the books will be available for purchase we will soon start getting the word out to the public.

Congratulations Maggie and Maddy!