About the Authors

Maggie and Maddy Authors Kyle and Amy Goleno

Credit : Rachel Piersig Photography

Authors Kyle and Amy Goleno were raised in Napa Valley and are now raising their own children there. Their children’s book, “Maggie and Maddy: Adventures in Napa Valley” is based on their own daughters Meghan Grace (Maggie) and Katelin Madison (Maddy).

Maggie and Maddy are two fun-loving characters that take readers on a journey through beautiful Napa Valley. Kyle and Amy were inspired to write the book by their love for their children and for the Napa Valley that has always been their home.

Neither Kyle or Amy are artists, so they scoured available artistic talent far and wide, finally finding a very talented artist that shared their passion for developing a superb Napa children’s book.

Peter Francis Illustrator Maggie and Maddy

Credit: MB Artists

Peter Francis, the illustrator for the book, enjoys working with bright playful colors and detail while evoking a subtle theatricality, as is evident in this 48 page book. When not frantically sketching in his studio he takes time for long coastal walks, exploring castles and archaeology, painting seascapes and growing his vegetables.